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**Please note that orders with baked goods may be delayed for 1-3 days to ensure freshness and quality

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Baked Goods - Bread

Baked Goods - Cozy View Baking

Baked Goods - Timbercrest Bakery

Baked Goods - Troyer’s Home Pantry

Baked Goods - Village Baking

Baked Goods - Windy Hill Bake Shop

Baked Goods - Yoder’s Country Market

Welcome to our online store!

We do things a little differently from your standard grocery store. Here is a guide for shopping with us:

• Some of our products are sold by the pound, which means each bag can vary in weight.
• For each variable weight item, you must select the size you would like to order – this is the minimum weight of the bag you will receive. The actual weight may vary by up to 5%, but will never be less than the weight you select.
• The listed price is the price that you will pay – regardless of whether the weight varies or not

Each transaction will show you the price for the products, the price for shipping & handling and the total. We do not build the cost for shipping into our products prices then claim to offer “free shipping”. We want you to see exactly what you’re paying for.

If anything is confusing or needs improving, feel free to give us a call at (330) 359-5615 or send us a message. Happy shopping!