Letters from Home

August 14, 2017

Good Morning, 

     This is Monday morning 11:00 am at the Ashery. It is partly cloudy with scattered patches of hazy blue sky, making the sunshine hazy and the air feel warm and humid. It's a beautiful summer day in Ohio.

     As I was ready to go out the front door a few ladies were coming in, and as I greeted them with a "Good Morning," one of them exclaimed joyfully, "Good Morning, look who's here!" Then I saw the last lady in the group was a friend I had known for years and had moved to CO and not been back for 4 years. What a nice surprise!

     Now that the oats have been threshed the farmers are having a little bit of a lull before they need to start working in the cornfield. There will likely be hay to be made yet.

     In the gardens, sweet corn and tomatoes are being harvested, along with zucchini, etc. I guess we could call it our mid-summer harvest.

     At the Mt. Hope Auction grounds the Machinery Sale will be held on Saturday, August 27th; on September 1-2 the Ohio Haiti Benefit and on September 15, 16, & 17 the mid-Ohio Alternative animal and bird sale. On September 16, the Holmes County Home Benefit Auction will be held near Holmesville.

     A couple from my church had been to Bolivia, South America last winter to teach school at a newly established Amish community then he spoke about their experiences during that time, at our services yesterday (Sunday). It was very interesting. Afterward we had a carry-in fellowship meal and served approximately 120 people.

     To anyone that still have a lot of cucumbers to pickle here is an old recipe that my mother used to can pickles that seemed to be everyone's favorite.

Hamburger Pickle Slices

1 gallon thinly sliced cucumbers & 1 cup salt, cover with hot water with green food coloring added (optional) and let stand for 4 days. Drain and wash/rinse, cover with water to which 1 Tablespoon alum has been added for each gallon of water. Boil 10 minutes, then drain. In a small cloth bag, tie: 1 Tablespoon each of whole cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and celery seed, Put in your kettle with pickles and add 1 pint water and 1 pint vinegar and 5 cups sugar. Boil until transparent, put into jars and seal.

"Oh, give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good...."  Psalm 136:1

Have a good day,


Letters from Home

August 01, 2017

Good Morning Everyone, 

We are having another beautiful, quiet, slightly cool, summer morning. This is now the third morning like this and I think we all are enjoying every one of them. 

Our gardents are doing well in this area. We have had abundant rains and the vegetables are growing fast. We had a large squash plant that came up voluntarily and looked beautiful but a worm or something must have been working at the roots because it just suddently wilted and died. That also happens with the zucchini plants at times. Sweet corn is also ready.

The peaches in OH are a good crop this year and we will be having local ones at the store to sell. They smell and taste so good!

On Friday evening and Saturday, August 4 & 5 the Ohio Mennonite Relief Sale and Auction will be held at Kidron. There will be food available and quilts, etc sold over auction on Saturday. 

As you drive along the country roads you can see fields of yellow oat shocks scattered among fields of green corn and grass/hay. It creates a pretty scene.

It is interesting to find out where some of our customers are from. Especially during the summer months when lots of traveling gets done. We had folks from Romania, Brazil, Slovakia, Hungary, India, and a couple that have Lebanon for their nationality. They remarked about the Ishtar squash we sold here. It is a Lebanese summer squash. He related of remembering how they used to raise them and owuld harvest them while they were still small then cut the top off and stuff them to fix them similarly like we would do stuffed green peppers. They would let a few squash grow big so that the seeds could mature and then use them to plant again the next year, We also had folks from the mountains of northern GA, Louisiana, and a youth group from Mississipp. Plus, I'm sure there were others that I did not hear about.

The new- skin potatoes are ready to dig already and I am enclosing a recipe for potato salad that works well to fix the day before to take along to a potluck dinner or picnic, etc. This recipes yields 1 gal.

Potato Salad

• 12 cups cooked, shredded potatoes

• 1 dozen eggs, hard boiled & chopped

• 1 medium onion, chopped

•1 ½ cup celer, chopped fine



• 3 cups salad dressing

• 2 ½ cups white sugar

• ¼ cup vinegar

• ½  cup milk

• 3 teaspoons salt

• 4 tablespoons mustard

Put the first 4 ingredients in a large bowl. Make sure they are cold. Mix the dressing ingredients together and pour over the potato mixture and mix gently. Refrigerate. The flavors blend better if put together the day before.

And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world. 1 John 4:14

Blessings to all, 


Letters from Home

June 12, 2017

Good Morning Everyone, 

We got up to another beautiful day; sunshine and a clear blue sky. Yesterday was a nice, warm day and I believe today will be even warmer yet. 

Strawberry season is coming to an end. Next will be cherries to pick and can and then peas. It is nice that not everything is ready to harvest at once. 

Lots of hay has been made and corn has been planted and is growing nicely.

The church sewing ladies have decided to skip the sewing days for summer because of the busy season with gardening and canning, etc.

To the lady that wanted to know which auction that one quilt went to, it went to the auction for the County Home. I apoligize that I didn't find out soon enought to let you know, and then I couldn't find your email address.

I took a day off last week to go birding and went to the Mochican State Park here in Ohio. It is an area where certain species of birds meet that you can't find in other areas of Ohio. We were wandering on the trail that leads to Big Lyons Falls and listening to the songs of birds and trying to absorb the beauty of God's wonderful creation. We were thrilled to hear on the right side of the trail the amazingly long, and musical songs of the Winter Wren while from the left side came the sound of the delicate, flute like song of the Veery. It hass the tone as of notes coming from inside an emptybarrel or cave deep in the woods. We were also privleged to see the American Redstart, Arcadian Flycatcher, Red-eyed Vireo building their nests. At Funk Bottoms we got to see, beautiful in color, birds. The Prothonotary Warbler, Indigo Bunting and Scarlet Tanager. If you have a bird guide book you can look them up and understand what I mean, A friend made the comment that God could have made all the birds gray or brown but instead He chose to create them in different colors.

Thought: "Do we see a ½ cup coffee as half-empty or half full?"

Have a good day.